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Fast, Secure & Expansive Cloud Computing for Misr Pharmacies

Misr Pharmacies

Misr Pharmacies is one of the leading enterprises in the Pharmaceuticals sphere with over sixteen years of experience. With the aim of originating to be a well-organized and modern alternative to the ancient Egyptian house of life, to which medical researchers refer to seek after medicine, treatment, and education, it strives to foster health awareness and deliver medical care to patients.

Misr Pharmacies has devoted its services to the latest and the best in the field of Pharmaceuticals. It has diverse and inclusive services that cover not just providing patients with medicine based on the traditional concept of pharmacy, but also delivering informed and honest counseling.

The Obstacles and Challenges They Faced

In a competitive market that demands immediate and hassle-free growth, Misr Pharmacies needed to switch their SAP modules into a more scalable environment to respond effectively to emergent changes and expansion needs in addition to the regular upgrades that constantly require extra specs.

Their SAP ERP operations include SAP Financial Accounting (FI), SAP Controlling (CO), SAP Sales and Distribution (SD), SAP Production Planning (PP), SAP Materials Management (MM), SAP Quality Management (QM), and SAP Human Capital Management (HCM).


Similarly, they needed to tackle more efficiently the issues that on-premises environment does not address, like

  • Availability
  • Accessibility
  • Hardware lifespan
  • Performance
  • Instant sizing requirements
  • Disaster recovery

How We Helped Them

Misr Pharmacies was in need to take advantage of the pool-of-resources privilege to get powered by limitless scalability, built-in resiliency, higher availability, and simpler manageability.

To deploy their SAP innovations, they would have to build up an infrastructure that is composed of Production, Dev, and Quality modules; those modules require the following necessary components: 3800 GB of RAM, 448 CPU Cores, 20 TB for storage.

WorldPosta offered their team the same capacity on cloud along with the sought-after environment features and drastic cost reductions.

The total cost of on-premises deployment would reach to $985.000 for equipment, bandwidth, internal network, Veaam and remote backup, and VPN client. Clearly, all these expenses do not include room, IT stuff cost, and internet, UPS, and DR Site prices.

WorldPosta could offer them the whole resources along with other required facilities that include IT security, performance management, and maintenance and support. In other words, the whole cost of on-premises in one month equals that of 5 years on the cloud.  

Misr Pharmacies Journey to the Cloud

WorldPosta team understood the complex business model of Misr Pharmacies and, accordingly, designed a service-oriented architecture that could fulfil the current and presumable needs to guarantee the highest performance.

By working with the professional team of Roaya IT Solutions, the exclusive partner of WorldPosta in the MENA region, Misr Pharmacies could design an optimal migration plan and executed this massive migration of about 100 VMs.

Then they enabled the IT Staff of Misr Pharmacies to automate provisioning SAP workloads to WorldPosta Cloud executing the large-scale migration plan set by WorldPosta team while maintaining the core business to operate as efficiently as possible.

What We Achieved Together

Thanks to WorldPosta resilient compute resources and, certainly, the innovation of SAP modules, the performance got enhanced and tasks stimulated.

Certainly, our resourceful computing hardware helped them upgrade from Sybase DB to SAP HANA DB and empowered them to accord with the specs delineated by SAP S/4 HANA ERP system.

“This Critical Phase, was fraught with Major Risks, especially the chances of delaying tasks during a pandemic and social distancing!” Ramy Mahrous, IT Manager of Misr Pharmacies, describes the situation following the large-scale outbreak of COVID-19. Due to the social distancing, they needed a more flexible and resilient environment to let their staff connect easily with their database and securely retrieve reports in order to maintain the workflow.

The reports retrieval fastened to find reports that used to be delivered in days conveyed in just a few minutes. Additionally, the stuff can now sync their remote devices with SAP databases rapidly which helped streamline the workflow and fast track project progress.




September 20, 2020
Cloud Hosting
Misr Pharmacy