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#3 / 67th Block – Sector 10 Maadi Zahraa | Cairo, Egypt


September 18, 2019


Energya Cables is a prominent entity in the Middle East and North Africa region. They have the capability to compete in the market and add value to the industry and achieve a healthy ROI. They are specialized in providing products and services designed to address specific customer requirements.

As they focus on growth in high added value and high technology sectors, they needed to professionalize the way their staff communicate. For about 300 users, they used cPanel business email hosting to take advantage of a professional, ad-free email.

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure.
It is: Try to please everybody.”
– Herbert Bayard Swope

Problems They Faced with cPanel

Energya Cables encountered many issues with cPanel for which they started to search for an alternative business email provider. Those problems somehow hindered the communication among their teams, which consequently negatively impacted the workflow.

Among those issues, we can lay down the following.

Mailbox and Storage Quota

The quota offered by cPanel for email mailbox and storage was not enough to grant Energya Cables the capacity they needed to streamline the communication and boost productivity. Therefore, when they utilized the vast quota capacity offered by WorldPosta, they did not have to delete messages, whether outgoing or incoming, to restore the workflow processed.


They suffered the consequences of loose security measures when they found their mailboxes vulnerable to spam messages, the thing which indicates that their infrastructure witnesses traffic, certainly affecting the daily operations.

With the finest security practices implemented by WorldPosta, they could prevent spam messages. WorldPosta offers customers a multi-layer Firewall and multi-layer virus protection to ensure secure data. It also offers many layers of intelligent anti-spam to scan outbound and inbound messages and eradicate the spam.

Outdated POP3

Another hindrance that is not suitable for the modern workspace is POP3. It is completely outdated and impedes communication as it retrieves the messages from the server once to be downloaded to the computer and deleted from the server. This actually makes the email messages not accessible by many devices and, similarly, prevents data restoration.

At the same time, WorldPosta offers MAPI protocol that allows the client to fully utilize all of the features of an Exchange server which include shared email address book, calendar, and public folders. Additionally, its protocol improves the reliability and stability of the Outlook and Exchange connections and allows a higher level of visibility and enhanced recoverability.


Energya Cables with WorldPosta

With WorldPosta, Energya Cables could better digitalize their workspace and transform the whole way they used to communicate with. The staff could utilize the company resources well and foster productivity, which eventually resulted in increased ROI.