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#3 / 67th Block – Sector 10 Maadi Zahraa | Cairo, Egypt


October 12, 2019
Email Hosting
19011 Pharmacies


19011 is a premier pharmaceutical company that was established in 2018 with a strong competitive edge over its rivals. It offers its services online which made it distinctive of its kind in the Egyptian marketplace. It offers healthcare services, medicine, and personal and beauty care to individuals and insurance companies.

It actually achieved success and reputation through hard work and a professional team that strives to exceed the performance and meet the expectation.

By the end of 2019, they could reach each customer all over Egypt covering 27 governorates, providing the best service quality. They have over 1740 employees that work throughout to serve customers and patients on time.


The Obstacles They Faced

As being a pioneer entity of crucial industry, 19011 actually needs to stay on the verge with all technology innovations and updates. For this reason, they had to host their email accounts and website data on the cloud. For them, it was important to enable staff to easily access the data and collaborate effectively.

Generally, hosting email or website on-premises impedes many collaborative operations and endangers the processing of those operations, which consequently impacts the reputation and revenue.

As they were hosting their email with cPanel, they could not tolerate with issues on both the server and feature level. cPanel uses POP3 as the standard mail protocol which receive email messages from the remote server to the local email client computer, which prevented synchronization among multiple devices. The client will receive the message on any of the devices he uses and will not be able to retrieve it on any other devices. That completely hinders effective communication.

On the feature level, cPanel lacks many other critical features like shared email address book, public folders, calendar and more. With the collaboration tools evolving nowadays, those features are essential to enhance collaboration and save time of handling multiple tasks by numerous partners at the same time.


What They Achieved with WorldPosta

With WorldPosta, 19011 converted a new approach that full modernized its workspace. They could leverage their human and technology resources to the full as they could take advantage of hosting their email and data on the cloud and give each member of their teams the capability to access the data whenever they need. Simply that stimulated the collaboration among their teams and eventually reflected on the productivity.

Now they can take advantage of cloud hosting and gained faster website speed and performance, speedy server setup process, and utmost uptime and availability. For Exchange-based email hosting, they gained the features of fully managed calendaring, contacts, email address book, contacts, and task organization.

They could also get dedicated premium support with which they could easily handle any emergent issue to avoid potential risks. Additionally, MAPI as the latest protocol enabled 19011 to allow the staff be on the same wavelength and access the database through multiple devices.

In brief, cloud hosting enables businesses to modernize their database and apps to accelerated data-driven, real-time reports and take on informed decisions.